Monday, July 28, 2014

Help me choose a new blog header!

The black-and-white background just wasn't doing it for me so I've been experimenting with new headers for my blog.

Header 1:

Header 1

Header 2:

Header 2

Header 3:

Header 3

Header 1 is the same as I'm currently using for my Flickr album.  It shows some of the begonias I was growing last year (including some of my own hybrids).   Header 2 shows some elephant ears I grew a few years ago.  And if header 3 looks familiar, it's because it's a cropped-down version of the old background (which is an "artified" section of the same photo as in header 2).  It's also currently on my Facebook page. I love the image, but when I tried it as the header, it just seemed like it needed some color.

So... any preferences for one of the above?  Or should I scrap all of these and keep trying?  Please give your opinion in the comments section!


  1. Of the three above, I like #1, especially because of the splash of pink. However, what I love most about tropical plants are the bold colors. None of these headings convey that to me, even for D.C. 'tropics.' I'd prefer to see some wildly flamboyant color(s)!

  2. Header 1 is nice but the white text blends in with the lighter colored leaves.

  3. Header 1 is my preference, and I associate you with Begonias :)

  4. #1 but I agree with Mary that its still a bit subdued for a blog about tropical plants. If I saw your header without seeing the title of your blog, I'd think it was about shade gardens.

  5. #1 is my fave because of your begonia program and the great colors. It doesn't scream tropical to me though.

  6. I like the begonia header the best but Xerographica is right, the text fades into the foliage in many places. Maybe you could use the begonias but experiment with a different color for the font?

  7. I like the second header! I really like how there isn't a single spot that isn't filled with foliage.

  8. Many thanks to everybody for the input! For now I'll stick with the begonias, but I'll keep looking for something that's both colorful and tropical!

  9. I vote for something entirely new that has some color in it bringing energy and a pleasant visual greeting. Hey, you're in the mood for change, If it must be one of these three, I vote #1