Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stormy weather

June sunset
Washington National Cathedral at sunset (click here for larger image)

Having lived here for 24 years, I often take for granted this amazing city.  Washington, DC has given me some interesting views of some familiar icons, over the years and through the various seasons, and the unsettled weather of the last couple of days has given me some especially good photo opportunities.  Above, this was my view of the Washington National Cathedral from my roof deck last night, looking west over Rock Creek Park.  Please be sure to click on the link below the photo to see a larger version!

Storm moving in
Washington Monument with approaching storm (click here for larger image)

Above, this fast-moving storm moving in at the end of the work day darkened the sky in a matter of seconds; this is the view from my office window in the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Rainbow (cropped)
Rainbow over the U.S. Capitol (click here for larger image)

Finally, on my way home this evening as the storm moved out, I caught this rainbow over the U.S. Capitol.  I had to stand in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, getting soaked in the process, but immediately after I finished taking my photos another photographer moved into the same spot to take some of her own!

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  1. Great photos but the last one is just fantastic! Great timing and no photoshop needed!