Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowmageddon four years later


It has been exactly four years since the snowstorm that the local media dubbed Snowmageddon.  Many parts of the Washington, DC area got over 24 inches of snow, and that was on top of several inches of snow we had gotten just days earlier.  First, some photos from the earlier snowfall, which gave us just enough snow to make the city beautiful!  The above photo shows our neighborhood from our upstairs windows.

View from our rooftop deck

View of the back garden--there are palms under there somewhere!

Much of that snow vanished after a day of rain, but on February 5, the headline of the Washington Post was "Crippling Snowstorm Imminent" with a prediction of 16-26 inches of snow.  Dan and I went by a grocery store after work and every register was open with lines already extending all the way down the aisles to the back of the store. We decided we didn't need anything that badly and turned right around and left!  This is one time that the weather forecasters had it right.  When the snow had stopped, the official total at Washington National Airport was 18 inches but most of the area had much more than that.  In my own back yard in northwest Washington, DC I had about 24 inches.  The city was paralyzed for several days.  It was at least two days before our street was plowed and I spotted this person using snowshoes to walk down the middle of the street:

The big blizzard of 2010.

And this was the view of the garden out our back door; the palms were still small at the time, and were mashed completely flat:

The big blizzard of 2010.

But as always, a cat knows what to do when it snows: take a nap on the nearest radiator!

The big blizzard of 2010.


  1. That certainly does look pretty and dramatic! And we could all learn a lesson or two from cats!

    1. I love the snow... for about a day. Once I have to shovel the front steps, the love affair is over.