Saturday, June 14, 2014

What a week!

Wedding cake
Wedding cake

A wedding (not my own!) was the perfect way to end an exhausting 9 day stretch when I attended my 30th college reunion at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY; spent 3 days visiting my parents in Buffalo; spent another day in Buffalo after my flight was cancelled due to weather in the DC area (with the rescheduled flight the next evening delayed and nearly cancelled for the same reason); got home late and exhausted for exactly one night in my own bed; did a quick check to make sure no plants were in dire need of water, and then headed out of town again the next morning for a wedding in the hills of southern Pennsylvania.

Cornell3 010
F.R. Newman Arboretum, Cornell Plantations, Ithaca, NY (photo by Dan Speck)

I traveled by car to Ithaca, by bus to Buffalo, and by plane back to DC.  Except for a miserable experience with the bus ride from Ithaca to Buffalo--and I will never, ever travel by Greyhound bus again--and the frustration of having a flight cancelled, it was actually a very nice week if a busy one, and a wonderful wedding was the perfect way to end it.  But I'm glad to finally be home, take a good long nap, spend some quality time with the kitties, sort through several hundred photos, get a very quick-and-dirty blog post written, and then do about 24 hours of nothing.  Oh wait, I have no clean clothes and no food in the house so I'll be doing laundry and grocery shopping.  So much for relaxing.

Rhododendron, Buffalo, NY

Just in the 24 hours since I left home for the wedding yesterday morning, I came back today to find much of my garden flattened by torrential rains while I was away.  Add one more chore to the weekend: staking.  In the meantime it's a glorious day with blue skies and low humidity, so I can't complain too much.  Maybe I'll just have a mojito on the roof deck.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to another blog post.  Maybe, maybe.  I took loads of photos but I'm still recuperating, so more blog posts and many more photos later!

Cornell3 020
Taking photos in Ithaca, NY (photo by Dan Speck)


  1. After a busy week away it's just nice to be back to ones own turf!

    1. It has felt good to be home for a couple of weeks but it has been awfully hard to motivate myself to do any actual work! I finally got some begonias and gesneriads planted yesterday that should have gone in the ground in early May.